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Jimmy is a noted NFL and hoops guru and plays the pucks as well. Jimmy has been a consultant for other services over the past 12 years and is now in his 5th year on where he has been very good on his big plays. So get Moore winners and win Moore money today from Jimmy!
Moore Sports with Jimmy Moore! Jimmy is a noted NFL, Basketball, and NHL Guru. Jimmy was a sports consultant for another service for over ten years until 2003 when he began making his selections available exclusively on!

I specialize in college and NBA basketball, the NFL and also handicap the NHL extensively. I also handicap baseball each day but am very selective with my baseball plays, which usually leads Moore sports customers to a profit each month.

I rate my plays 4, 5, 7 stars also 10 stars for game of the year plays. 4 star will be a normal rated play the 5 star plays will be game of the week or month plays and the 7 star plays will be top rated game of the month or year plays with only the 10* game of the year plays being rated higher. If you are looking for someone that really knows the game inside and out than Jimmy is your man! Jimmy does not consider this sports gambling he refers to it as sports investing. So make sure your next wager is an investment and not a gamble and go with Jimmy Moore Sports!

Here are my records for past seasons for my selections that were on and/or
In the 03-04 reg season NBA I went 63-29 68%
In the NBA (02-03) I was 106-70 for 60% Playoffs 27-18 60%
In College hoops (02-03) I was 79-67 for 54%
In Baseball (2003) I went 94-65 for +1679
In the NHL (02-03) I went 90-81 for 53%
In Reg season NFL (2003) I went 37-33 53%
In College Football (2003) I went 45-40 53%
In Thursday night college fb (2003) I went 8-7 53%
In College Football bowl games (03-04) I went 10-9 53%
In 7* or higher rated football plays (2003 season) I went 18-8 69%
In the 03-04 reg season NHL I went 86-78 for +120 52%
In the 2004 NHL playoffs I went 27-27 for -355 50% (including series plays)
In 7* or higher rated 03-04 NBA plays I went 17-12 59%
In 2004 regular season baseball I went 51-42 for +073 55%
In 7* or higher 2004 baseball I went 38-21 for +1354 64%
In 2004-05 college basketball I went 26-22 54%
In 2004-05 college basketball 7* or higher rated plays I went 13-10 57%
In 2004-05 NBA I went 78-69 53%
In 2004-05 NBA 7* or higher rated plays I went 32-26 55%
In 2005 MLB I went 4-6 40% -145
In 05-06 NFL I went 28-27 51%
In 05-06 NFL 7* and higher I went 7-6 54%
In 05-06 NCAA football I went 44-29 60%
In 05-06 NCAA football 7* and higher I went 12-3 80%
In 2005 Free Plays I went 43-31 58%
In 05-06 NBA I went 25-28 47%
In 05-06 NCAA basketball I went 15-18 45%
In 05-06 NHL I went 58-69 45%
In 05-06 NHL 7* and higher plays I went 14-14 50%
In 2006 MLB I am 9-12 43% -400
In 2006 MLB 7* and higher plays I am 6-7 46% -190
In 2006 Free Plays I went 60-36 63%
In 2006 NCAA football I went 28-26 52%
In 2006 NCAA football 7* and higher I went 8-6 57%
In 2006 NFL I went 29-20 59%
In 2006 NFL 7* and higher I went 8-6 57%
In 2006/07 NCAA basketball I went 10-19 34%
In 2006/07 NCAA basketball 7* and higher I went 1-9 10%
In 2006/07 NHL I am 38-38 50% -115
In 2006/07 NHL 7* and higher I am 11-10 52% +025
In 2006/07 NBA I am 38-34 53%
In 2006/07 NBA 7* and higher I am 9-12 43%
In 2007 MLB I am 20-15 57% +420
In 2007 MLB 7* and higher I am 10-6 63% +400
In 2007 College Football I am 24-23 51%
In 2007 College Football 7* and higher I am 10-12 45%
In 2007 NFL I am 28-26 52%
In 2007 NFL 7* and higher I am 11-13 46%
In 2007-08 College basketball I am 23-19 55%
In 2007-08 College basketball 7* and higher I am 10-7 59%
In 2007-08 NHL I am 44-49 47% -560
In 2007-08 NHL 7* and higher I am 13-16 45% -335
In 2007-08 NBA I am 58-45 56%
In 2007-08 NBA 7* and higher I am 14-8 64%
In 2008-09 College Football I am 38-36 51%
In 2008-09 College Football 7* and higher I am 7-10 41%
In 2008-09 NFL I am 38-35 53%
In 2008-09 NFL 7* and higher I am 11-5 69%


Picks by Jimmy Moore
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DateW/LTypeHandicapper Selection
7/22/2017LOSERCanadian Football
#357 4* Saskatchewan Roughriders +10 (7:30 edt)

Have to love Saskatchewan and this boatload of points here since Calgary is not playing anywhere near their strong 2016 season. They are 2-1-1 on the season but only outscored opponents by 16 points on the season. Saskatchewan has had an extra week to get ready coming off of the bye and they are playing better than it looks this season outscoring opponents by 13 points even though they are 1-2. Just too many points here to be laying for a Calgary team that is not nearly as good as they were last season. Thank you and good luck.

7/21/2017LOSERCanadian Football
#356 4* British Columbia Lions -4 (10:00 edt)

Love the Lions here since they are 3-1 on the season but their home record is 0-1 so they will be super focused on getting win in front of the home town faithful and they are 0-1 in the Western Division so they need this divisional win big time. They take on the Blue Bombers who are 2-1 on the season but have been outscored on the season. Take the Lions here to get this win and cover. Thank you and good luck.

7/20/2017LOSERCanadian Football
#353 - #354 4* Edmonton Eskimos - Hamilton Tiger-Cats UNDER 51.5 (7:30 edt)

Have to love the under here since these are the lowest and 3rd lowest scoring teams in the CFL and the Eskimos are among the league leaders in defense. So we have low scoring offenses going against at least one very good defense. Hamilton was embarrassed last week at home giving up 41 to British Columbia, look for that to be big time motivation here for a better effort - especially on defense. So a strong defense and super motivated defense going up against weak offenses. Looks like an under here.

#929 4* Washington Nationals with Gonzalez ML -120 (10:05 edt)

Gonzalez is very strong this season with a record of 8-4 and a 2.66 ERA and he has been better than that in his last few starts. He loves going against the Angels with a career record of 7-2 against them. Nolasco goes for L A and he has been struggling lately. Washington is just awesome on the road and they have the better starter here, play them at this small favorite price. Thank you and good luck.

#957 4* Arizona Diamondbacks with Ray ML -125 (7:10 edt)

Love the D'backs here at this small favorite price since Ray has been dominant on the road and the Reds have been absolutely awful against left handed pitchers. Arizona is 5-2 against the Reds and they have been dominant against right handers this season. Take Arizona to get this win here, thank you and good luck.

#903 4* Milwaukee Brewers with Suter ML +100(7:05 edt)

Love the Brewers here since Suter is pitching very well recently and Milwaukee is very strong on the road. Kuhl has been terrible at home this season and the Pirates are under .500 at home on the season. Take the Brewers here to get this win. Thank you and good luck.

# New York Yankees with Mitchell +130 (1:00 edt) TBS

Mitchell is usually a reliever but is getting the start here with a day/night double header up for these teams. I think this change will suit him well and will have the Red Sox off their game a bit. Porcello goes for Boston and he comes in with a record of just 4-11. Look for the Yankees bats to come alive against Porcello and look for the Pin Stripers to get this win here. Thank you and good luck.

7/15/2017LOSERCanadian Football
#378 4* Hamilton Tigercats +3.5 (7:30 edt)

This will be a very motivated Hamilton team here since they are 0-2 on the season and this is their home opener. The Lions are 2-0 on the road this season but this is a very long road trip for them and they can't be very fired up about taking on the Tigercats. Being embarrassed is a powerful motivation in sports and Hamilton has been embarrassed this season, look for a big effort from them here in getting a win or at least a cover. Thank you and good luck.

7/14/2017WINNERCanadian Football
#375 Ottawa Redblacks +3 (10:00 edt)

Ottawa has had a bit of a rough start to the season with a tie, a 4 point loss and a 1 point home loss last week. The Redblacks are the defending Grey Cup champs - look for the championship pride to step up today leading to a big effort from Ottawa. Edmonton is off to a 2-0 start but they only won those games by a combined 7 points and they are coming off of a bye week so their momentum from that start will be gone. This line is just too big here, take the points with Ottawa to win with Jimmy! Thank you and good luck.

7/13/2017WINNERCanadian Football
#372 Winnipeg Blue Bombers -4 (8:30 edt)

The Blue Bombers were embarrassed at home last week losing by 19 to Calgary. That will be powerful motivation here for a better performance and they get to take on a Toronto team that will be flying high after a huge 1 point upset of Ottawa on the road and with their next game right back against Ottawa on Monday night. No way Toronto is focused on this game. Look for Winnipeg to be ready for a home win against a disinterested Toronto team working on a short week on a long road trip. Thank you and good luck.