Frequently Asked Questions

How do you grade your plays?

We have thousands of customers who use our service from around the world. We also have dozens of handicappers making selections at any one time on our site. Between the customer and the handicappers, everyone uses a different source for their lines which means people can have different lines on various games depending on the line moves. Our goal is to issue a consensus line from the various sports books. When a line is close we will always lean in favor of the customer. If you ever have a question or problem with a graded play, please notify us the very next day via e-mail using the “Customer Service” link at the top left hand side of the page so we can determine if we need to add credits back to your account. We do not want anyone to feel they are not receiving their money's worth when purchasing from We will always error on the side of the customer if the line is close to the final score. We want you to win!

What happens if the Guaranteed Pick loses?

You Don't Pay Unless You Win. Handicappers may sell just one selection or a group of selections. All packages are Guaranteed to Win or your credits will be returned to your account. If a handicapper sells one selection, then that game must win. If a handicapper sells a group of picks in a package then you must show a profit or your credits will be returned to your account. For example if a handicapper sells three picks in one guaranteed package you must go 2-1 or 2-0-1 to show a profit. If you don't show a profit then the credits are returned to your account. If you paid with a credit card the charge will not be processed.

How can I contact you?

Just click on the “Customer Service” link at the top left hand side of the page and you can e-mail any questions you may have. A customer service representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where can I find FREE picks?

Free plays from each of our handicappers can be found on their individual bio page. Along with the handicapper’s free selection, you will also find articles and other sources of useful information. This information is also available by clicking the appropriate link on the top of the page listed under “Free Picks”. You will get the whole list of free picks by day and by sport.


What is a credit and how do I purchase them?

We use Credits just like money on this site. To purchase credits you need to register on the site and log in to the site using your e-mail address and password you selected when registering on the site. To purchase Credits click on the “Buy Guaranteed Credit” link on the upper left hand side of any page and you will be taken step-by-step through our secure payment process where you can use VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or Pay Pal to purchase Credits. You can then use your Credits to purchase Guaranteed Selections. If your Guaranteed Selection wins, the credits will be subtracted from your bank of credits. If the selection does not cover the spread, then your credits are returned to your account for you to use again. You can also purchase plays with your credit card.

Can I review my account or change my personal information?
By visiting the “Your Services” section of our site and logging in using your e-mail address and password, you may review all of the transactions on your account including which plays were purchased and which ones won or lost. You may update any personal information and get the balances of your free credit account as well as the balance of your bank. You can also register to receive a notification by e-mail when your favorite handicappers put up a new guaranteed pick
How do I see the results from the previous day?

You can view yesterday's selections by clicking the “Past Picks” link located on the left hand side of each page. It lists all the guaranteed plays from the previous day showing the play, the price, and of course whether or not the play was a winner. The results are also displayed on each individual handicapper's page.

How do I get Guaranteed Picks?

You can choose to view the Guaranteed Selections by Handicapper, by Sport, or by Price by clicking “Guaranteed Selections” on the top of the site and then “Sort by” in the middle of the page. Click the checkbox next to the play or plays you are interested in and then click “Purchase Selections” at the bottom of the page. If there is only one play you want to purchase you can click on “Click Here for Instant Purchase”. You can also access selections for each handicapper through the individual handicapper’s pages by just clicking on the handicapper’s name on the left hand side of the site. Click on the “Purchase This Selection” box next to the play. You are able to add more than one pick to your cart before checking out. You will then be taken step-by-step through our credit purchasing process where you can use credits in your bank to purchase your Guaranteed Selection.

What is a Non-Guaranteed Pick?

You can purchase a non-guaranteed pick at a discounted price. You must pay for it up front before the game is played and it is not guaranteed to win. You can purchase the pick with credits or a credit card.

What do I do first to use this web site?

To use our web site to its potential, register and log in. It is FREE and there are benefits.

What do you mean by Guaranteed Pick?

When you buy a selection from one of our handicappers with either your credit card or a credit, that pick is guaranteed to win or you will not be charged. If your pick wins your credit card will be charged or the credits will be taken out of your bank. If your pick loses or pushes your credit card is not charged or the credits are returned to your bank.

What is a Pick Pack?

A Pick Pack gives you the option of getting you favorite handicappers guaranteed selections at a discounted price for either a week or a month.

All you do is buy the Pick Pack package that your interested in and when the handicapper post his guaranteed selections the picks automatically go to your service page when you log in. It is that easy!

Now if you have a few handicapper's that you always follow you can now get their picks at a discounted price! It is just like having a Late Service for your favorite handicapper!


Disclaimer and Site Updates

This information on this web site is for entertainment purposes only and not intended to break any city, state or federal laws. This information on this web site is for news matter only. Some or all of the handicappers that are on this web site maybe owned and operated by this web site.

We can not ensure that these programs can deliver what they claim or can prevent you from joining and suffered loss. These programs can be extremely high risk or may not comply with the laws of the country you reside. Please do your due diligence, thoroughly research each program and or opportunity before you make your decision to join or send in your money. Never spend anything you can not afford to lose and please take responsibility for your own decision.

We can not be or are we responsible for the records stated of and by the handicappers on this web site. We supply win loss records for each handicapper and they are as accurate as humanly possible. Past performances of handicappers should not be used to predict future out comes of handicappers.

Once you purchase a selection or buy credits that purchase is non refundable. All Guaranteed Selections must show a profit or your credit card will not be charged or your credits will be returned to your credit bank for each losing purchase.

Duplicate selections by multiple handicapper purchases are non refundable. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS for DUPLICATE or CONTRADICTING purchase made by multiple handicapper purchases.

AMERICAN CITIZENS PLEASE NOTE: Advertisers listed are intended for Non-USA viewers that can legally bet with sites that are regulated. Check your state and/or country laws to know if you can gamble online. We don't accept wagers from, nor do we place wagers for our patrons.

If you have any questions or concerns about the information on this web site please do not make a purchase from this web site.

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